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Personalized candle (on order)

Personalized candle (on order)

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You have beautiful cups or pots that you would like to transform into a candle, I offer the customized candle service.

I use non-GMO soy wax and do everything by hand conscientiously, custom creation is done within 2 weeks.

Here are all the options available, you can buy the number of customized candles you want then email me with the details for each one. (wick, color and fragrance)


Creation steps

  • Choose your scent and color (it can also be fragrance free and white)
  • Choose your wick (cotton or wood)
  • Shipping costs are at your expense (shipping to me and shipping to you, but you can also come and drop off and pick up your cups/candles)



I have dyes that are quite concentrated so I can do shades ranging from dark to pale.

  • Pink
  • Mauve
  • Yellow
  • Blue



  • Fresh laundry
  • Boreal forest (mix of fir, pine, spruce and cedar conifers)
  • Autumn tea (Red apple, cinnamon, clove, pear and citrus)
  • Zénitude (Sage, lavender, lemon and chamomile)
  • pink lilac
  • Lavender
  • citrus ginger
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